#66 Jeff “Maverick” Arend

Jeff Arend, more commonly known as Maverick, was the founder of Ohio YSR League.  In 1999 Maverick, along with a group of volunteers, founded the club based on the Yamaha YSR 50.  Using Circleville Raceway Park (CRP) as their home track, they set off building a racing club from the ground up.  In its first year the club enjoyed much success.  Unfortunately Maverick would not make it to see the end of the first season. He died Sep.17 1999 in an accident while riding alone.  Since then a countless number of volunteers have vowed to work hard to make sure the club Maverick founded would be around for many years to come!

#669 Travis Evans

OMRL President
Formula 1 – CRF150R
Formula 3/StockMoto – CRF100
Team Captain: Assfault Addiction

#323 Kevin Augsburger

OMRL Vice President
Formula 1 – CRF150R
Formula 3/StockMoto – CRF100

#186 Andrew Farkas

OMRL Treasurer
Formula 2 – Honda Grom
Formula 3/StockMoto – CRF100

#728 Derek Clouser

Formula 3/StockMoto – CRF100
Captain of Team Mach Zero Racing

#811 Kent “The Klaw” Klawon

Former OMRL President
KAOS Racing Team Captain
TK Race Products
Formula 1 – CRF150R
Formula 3 – XR100
Stock XR100
“Put it on the Box, or on the Crash truck!”

#4 Brian Conrad

2010 Expert Champion Formula 2
4 stroke NSR-125RR
Team Quazzymoto
Married since ’99 with one son who rides a PW50

#6 Chris “Stewie” Siewertsen

Team Blue Flag
Stock XR 100

#8 Russ Lobuzzetta

Former OMRL Administration/ Timing & Scoring
KAOS Racing
2010 Novice Champion Stock XR100
2010 Novice Champion Formula 4

#11 Steve Belknap

2010 Most Envied Race Hauler
2009 Overall Second Place (Expert)
2009 Stock YSR Champion (Expert)
F1 – 1993/2004 RS125/CR85 Hybrid
Stock YSR – (Part-time/Loaner)

#16 Ryan Hughes

Team Blue Flag
Stock XR100

#23 Justin Brinkman

Stock XR100
Formula 3
2014 Novice Champion Formula 3

#25 Larry Ward

Host of 2 Wheel Power Hour on 570 WKBN Tuesdays from 6-7pm

#54 Jared Trees

RS125/CR80 Hybrid
2014 Expert Champion Formula 1

#61 Terry Wooton

Team Blue Flag
Stock CRF 100
Formula 2 - Aprila RS50

Formula 3 – YXR 100
Stock XR 100
Stock YSR 50

#72 Christopher “Biggie Smalls” Wallace

KAOS Racing
Stock XR 100

#75 Ben “The Bull” Trumbull

OMRL Safety Inspector

KAOS Racing

Stock XR 100

Formula 3

“Mess with the Bull; You get the HORNS”

#77x Jeff Bielec

Stock XR100

#87 Devon Perlenfein

Stock XR 100

2014 Expert Champion Stock XR100

2018 Expert Champion Stock XR100

2018 Maverick Award Winner

#176 Gavin Anthony

Formula 1 – CRF150R
Formula 3 – NSF 100
Supermoto – CRF150R
Stock XR100
2014 Expert Champion Formula 3

#199 Justin Tyler

Team Blue Flag
Stock XR100


#522 Todd Bogner

Stock XR100
Sponsored by: Double Stuff Oreo

#615 Jim Anderson

Anderson Door Racing
Formula 3 – CRF100
Stock XR100
2013 Novice Champion Stock XR100