OMRL 2019 Race Series

Our goal at the Ohio Mini Roadracing League (Formerly Ohio YSR League) is to offer a fun, family-friendly atmosphere for all ages and levels of motorcycle enthusiast. We feature competitive racing classes for 50cc minis all the way up to 650cc Motard motorcycles. Racing is divided into 7 classes; Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3, Stock Moto, Grom/Z125, Supermoto, and Kids 50. We also offer exhibition classes; Stock YSR50, Scooter Stock, Scooter Specials, and Kids 50 depending on turn out. All classes, except Formula 1, are open to Beginner and Novice divisions. Excluding exhibition classes, riders in each class compete for series points, trophies, and awards. All Kids 50 races are FREE!* Medical personnel are present at all race events to support an enjoyable race experience for all participants.

*Season license required. Must meet class rules ages 5-12


Full 2020 Race Schedule is Announced!  Head over to the Schedule page for all the dates and details. 

Round-10 is headed to G&J Kartway in Camden, OH!  We are looking to hold a two hour Endurance Race on Saturday evening starting at 5pm!

Winning team will all receive OMRL hoodies!

Minimum (2) riders per team including at least one "novice' rider. 
(1) bike per team
Riders must change every 30 min or less!
StockMoto Class bike rules - no exceptions!!

$40/team + transponder rental (if needed)

If you are looking for a team and need assistance, please feel free to contact Travis Evans or Derek Clouser and they will do their best to assist! 

Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend!

G&J will have concessions open at 5pm on Saturday (just before the night race).  Depending on how things go, they may be open on Sunday as well!  Let's be generous and thank them for this convenience!  
Please don't forget to bring a clear visor for the night race.  Also, if you have a red LED light you can attach to your bike (not required), that would greatly be appreciated!!

Summer break is over!  Let's get back to racing!

Next up in the 2019 OMRL Racing Circuit will be the G&J Double Header.  We will be having a night race on Saturday and a normal race schedule on Sunday. You won't want to miss this! 



Practice 10am-7pm

Registration - 7pm-8:30pm

Rider's Meeting & National Anthem - 8:30pm
First Race (Kids 50) - 9:00pm.  

There will be no 'lunch' break in the racing schedule for the night race!  

Normal Race Schedule

Fees - 
Track Insurance: $10 for the entire weekend. 
Saturday Night Race: Standard Race Fees.  If you are racing Saturday, practice is included, otherwise, practice is $20.00.
Sunday Race:  Standard Race Fees (if you did NOT race on Saturday)**

**If you raced on Saturday, you will receive a $20 discount for Sunday's race.**

Happy Fourth of July to everyone!

Round-4 at G&J is this weekend and we will be modifying the track from the normal layout!  We will be adding the last kink on the back stretch into the mix!  Message the OMRL staff if you have any questions on the new layout!

Secondly, if we run out of transponders this weekend, we will have to use the ones supplied by G&J, but they charge $15.00 for them. Therefore, get to registration early if you need to rent a transponder and want to avoid having to pay an additional $5.00!

Lastly, we will be having practice on Saturday from 10am-8pm for anyone wanting to turn some laps with the new layout!!!

2020 Schedule

Sun, 05/ 3
Circleville raceway park

Round 1: CRP CW

5/2 Practice

5/3 Normal Race Schedule

Sun, 05/17
Circleville raceway park

Round 2: CRP CCW

5/16/20 Practice

5/17/20 Normal Race Schedule

Sun, 05/31
Circleville raceway park

Round 3: CRP CW

5-30-20 Practice

5-31-20 Normal Race Schedule

Sat, 06/13
G j kartway

Round 4: G&J Kartway Night Race

Daytime Practice

Night Race

Sun, 06/14
G j kartway

Round 5: G&J Kartway

Normal Race Schedule
Sun, 06/28
Pittsburgh international race complex

Round 6: PIRC

6-27-20 Practice - Prepay Necessary to reserve track

6-28-20 Normal Practice Schedule

Sun, 08/ 2
Adkins raceway

Round 7: Adkins

8-1-20 Practice

8-2-20 Normal Race Schedule

Sat, 08/15
G j kartway

Round 8: G&J Kartway Night Race

8-15-20 Daytime Practice

Night Race Schedule

Sun, 08/16
G j kartway

Round 9: G&J Kartway

Normal Race Schedule
Sun, 09/ 6
Circleville raceway park

Round 10: CRP CCW

9-5-20 Practice Day

9-6-20 Normal Race Schedule

Sun, 09/20
Circleville raceway park

Round 11: CRP CW

9-19-20 Practice Day

9-20-20 Normal Race Schedule

Sun, 10/ 4
Circleville raceway park

Round 12: CRP CCW

10-3-20 Practice Day

10-4-20 Normal Race Schedule

Race Day Schedule

8:00am – 9:30am Registration/Tech Inspection
9:30am – 10:00am Riders Meeting
10:00am – 11:15am Practice
11:20am National Anthem
11:30am – 1:00pm Sprint Races
1:00pm – 1:30pm* Lunch Break
1:30pm – 3:00pm Sprint Races

*Or 30 minutes from start of lunch. All times are approximate. Times subject to change due to number of racers