OMRL 2020 Race Series

Our goal at the Ohio Mini Roadracing League (Formerly Ohio YSR League) is to offer a fun, family-friendly atmosphere for all ages and levels of motorcycle enthusiast. We feature competitive racing classes for 50cc minis all the way up to 650cc Motard motorcycles. Racing is divided into 7 classes; Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3, Stock Moto, Grom/Z125, Supermoto, and Kids 50. We also offer exhibition classes; Stock YSR50, Scooter Stock, Scooter Specials, and Kids 50 depending on turn out. All classes, except Formula 1, are open to Beginner and Novice divisions. Excluding exhibition classes, riders in each class compete for series points, trophies, and awards. All Kids 50 races are FREE!* Medical personnel are present at all race events to support a safe and enjoyable race experience for all participants.

*Season license required. Must meet class rules ages 5-12


Attention in the paddock - Endurance Racers!!!

It appears many did not read the actual announcement, so I wanted to post a answers to a few questions I’ve been getting.

Toby Kemsuzian Financial Planner with Skylight Financial Group is providing food and beer/soda/water for all racers for after the event.  Skylight Financial will be bringing in a food truck for free food and he wants all the racers to take advantage of this. 

Secondly, the race is FREE to all season license holders.  Anyone who plans to race that is not a season license holder will need to pay $20 entry fee.  (This does not include transponder rental or insurance - that will still be required from all racers/teams).

Lastly, there are a few guys still looking for teams.  Matthew Vodraska (exp) and Justin Paskey (exp. but can be considered a novice on your team because he was force bumped) and a few others.  Please make sure I have your teams documented on the original announcement.

Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend!!!

We are pleased to announce the details to our endurance race this year, sponsored by Financial Planner Toby Kemsuzian and Skylight Financial Group.  Please check out the details of the event at 

It's RACE WEEK! Round-2 at CRP is just around the corner.

We are incredibly excited to host our first round of the year! While our excitement is high, we are still wanting to be safe. Therefore, we are going to be making a few announcements on policies that will be different this weekend than you may previously have experienced.

We will be opening registration a little earlier than normal to allow more time for registration to prevent people waiting in line. If you are looking to register, please be courteous and keep the numbers waiting in line to a minimum. We will provide a large number of pens to prevent multiple people from using the same pen at registration (you are encouraged to bring your own pen).

There will be no spectators allowed at the event! Only racers and necessary personnel (staff, starter, flaggers, parents of a racer, etc). We do not want any issues from outside forces saying we are being unsafe with the event, which is why this decision is being made. We are keeping the attendees to the required minimum.

Rider's meeting will be for new riders to OMRL. We might implement a rider's meeting video for everyone to watch with our basic safety rules, flag colors, etc. but will have a live rider's meeting for all new racers to OMRL.

All paddock areas should be safely distanced from each other. We will likely have quite a few people so we need to do the best we can at this to fit everyone but still remain a safe distance apart. All attendees need to follow proper social distancing guidelines and masks are recommended, but not required.

Lastly, if there is ANYTHING you feel the staff can do to make the races as safe as possible, please feel free to post a comment or send anyone of us a message privately and we will do our best to accommodate any requests.

Thank you all and we look forward to seeing you all in a few days at CRP.

P.S. - Please remember we will have a practice on Saturday and racing on Sunday. Normal race fees on Sunday plus all racers will be required to purchase a single day race license or the full season license. Lastly, please don't forget to PRE-REGISTER at!!!!

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we are UNABLE to host Round-1 at CRP. We've tried incredibly hard to get this event to happen, but it just didn't work out.

We are still looking forward to our Round-2 dates to be opening weekend for OMRL 2020 at CRP on May 16 & May 17.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our racers and their families with such short notice, but we were trying everything we could do to still hold this event.

Stay safe and looking forward to seeing all you racers soon!

I'm sure a lot of you have wanted to ask the board (or already have asked) about Round-1 and if we were still planning on having the event.  I wanted to give everyone an update and in short, the plan is still 'YES'. 

Stay at Home Quarantine per Governor DeWine is currently scheduled to end May 1st. 

Ohio COVID-19 cases were forecasted to peak mid April which would indicate to us that they, hopefully, will not extend the quarantine.  With our first race weekend in May being the 2nd/3rd, we are currently still looking forward to hosting Round-1 at CRP unless the quarantine is extended.  We are hopeful that when the quarantine is lifted, they will lighten some of the event stipulations as well.  If Governor DeWine extends the quarantine in OH or doesn't lighten the 'Large Events and Mass Gatherings' beyond May 1st, we will post updates with our adjustments to the schedule at that time. 

With this being said, anyone who is experiencing ANY symptoms of COVID-19 or having been exposed to someone who has a confirmed case of COVID-19 should self quarantine for a min. of 14 days after for the safety of others. 

Be safe and stay sanitized!

Full 2020 Race Schedule is Announced!  Head over to the Schedule page for all the dates and details. 

2020 Schedule

Sun, 05/ 3
Circleville raceway park


5/2 Practice

5/3 Normal Race Schedule

Sun, 05/17
Circleville raceway park

Round 2: CRP CCW

5/16/20 Practice

5/17/20 Normal Race Schedule

Sun, 05/31
Circleville raceway park

Round 3: CRP CW

5-30-20 Practice

5-31-20 Normal Race Schedule

Sat, 06/13
G j kartway

Round 4: G&J Kartway Night Race

Daytime Practice

Night Race

Sun, 06/14
G j kartway

Round 5: G&J Kartway

Normal Race Schedule
Sun, 06/28
Pittsburgh international race complex

Round 6: PIRC

6-27-20 Practice - Prepay Necessary to reserve track

6-28-20 Normal Practice Schedule

Sun, 08/ 2
Adkins raceway

Round 7: Adkins

8-1-20 Practice

8-2-20 Normal Race Schedule

Sat, 08/15
G j kartway

Round 8: G&J Kartway Night Race

8-15-20 Daytime Practice

Night Race Schedule

Sun, 08/16
G j kartway

Round 9: G&J Kartway

Normal Race Schedule
Sat, 09/ 5
Circleville raceway park

Skylight Financial Group Endurance Cup - CRP CCW

4 Hour Endurance Race - 2pm-6pm
Sponsored by: Skylight Financial Group

Sun, 09/ 6
Circleville raceway park

Round 10: CRP CCW

9-5-20 Practice Day

9-6-20 Normal Race Schedule

Sun, 09/20
Circleville raceway park

Round 11: CRP CW

9-19-20 Practice Day

9-20-20 Normal Race Schedule

Sun, 10/ 4
Circleville raceway park

Round 12: CRP CCW

10-3-20 Practice Day

10-4-20 Normal Race Schedule

Event Procedures & Schedule

Ohio Mini Roadracing League provides organized events, including practice sessions and controlled races. Club officials, track workers and medical personnel are present at every event to help ensure an enjoyable racing experience.  Below is a typical event schedule.  Schedule is subject to change, changes will be announced at the event. 

8am – 9:30am – Registration                                  Night races

9:30am – 10am – Riders Meeting                           7:00pm - 8:00pm - Registration

10am – 11:15am – Practice                                    8:30pm - Riders Meeting 

11:20am – National Anthem                                    8:45pm - National Anthem

11:30am – 1pm Sprint Races                              9:00pm - Sprint Races

1pm – 1:30pm – Lunch Break

1:30pm – 3pm – Sprint Races

*Or 30 minutes from start of lunch. All times are approximate. Times subject to change due to number of racers