OMRL 2024 Race Series

Our goal at the Ohio Mini Roadracing League (Formerly Ohio YSR League) is to offer a fun, family-friendly atmosphere for all ages and levels of motorcycle enthusiast. We feature competitive racing classes for 50cc minis all the way up to 650cc Motard motorcycles. Racing is divided into multiple classes for many different types of motorcycles. We also offer exhibition classes for bikes that don't fit in our traditional class structure depending on turn out. All classes, except Formula 1, are open to Beginner and Novice divisions. Excluding exhibition classes, riders in each class compete for series points, trophies, and awards. All Kids 50 races are FREE!* Medical personnel are present at all race events to support a safe and enjoyable race experience for all participants.

*Season license required. Must meet class rules ages 5-12


The OMRL banquet will be on February 10 at Full Throttle Adrenaline Park in Cincinnati... 9am arrival time. Check in at the front desk if you're karting. The karting is free for all 2023 OMRL race license holders and lunch will be provided. Any non license guests will have to pay for karting but are welcome to eat lunch on us. Championship plaques and door prizes will be giving out. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Please respond accordingly to the pole in the Facebook group so we can get a proper head count. If you are not in the Facebook group please email to RSVP with the number of people eating and racing. If you are racing please follow the link below to fill out necessary paperwork.

Online registration code 1045867

Full Throttle Adrenaline Park

11725 Commons Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45246


It is now time to vote to fill the vacant board position of Safety Director for the 2023 OMRL Season.

We have two contestants who put their name in the hat to be selected for this role in the 2023 Season.

The two up for election are Andrew Michael Farkas and Toby Kemsuzian.

In order to be eligible to vote for whom you wish to select to fill this role, you must have been a season member license holder for the 2022 season. Please visit and complete the google form completely to cast your vote for filling this position. YOU MUST include your first and last name along with answering the race license question and include an email address for verification for each ballot. ONLY 1 ballot per season license racer!

Voting will be open for 10 days and will close on Wednesday, March 29th, 2023. All eligible votes will be counted and we will announce the winner as soon as we can.

The role of safety director as per the OMRL By-laws is as follows:

Safety Director - Responsible for assembling Corner workers, conducting tech inspection of all motorcycles and rider equipment. The safety director may enlist the help of any other league member to assist in the process.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to a current board member and we will be happy to assist.


While reviewing/updating the OMRL By-Laws for the 2023 season, it has come to the attention that we need to fill the role of Safety Director on the board.

The role for the safety director within the By-Laws is defined as the following:

Safety Director - Responsible for assembling Corner workers, conducting tech inspection of all motorcycles and rider equipment. May enlist the help of any other league member to assist in the process.

Andrew Farkas has asked to have his name placed into the hat to move to this position.

As a result of Farkas' request, he has officially resigned his position as club treasurer and, therefore, the club will need to follow the election procedure for that role as well.

The treasurer position is defined as the following:

Treasurer - Works with Secretary and team during checkin/registration; will compose/submit event recap sheets showing profit/loss for each event; make deposits into the OMRL bank account in a timely manner after each event.

If you would like to nominate yourself to either one of these elected positions, you MUST submit an email to Within the email, please include any pertinent information you would like the club to know on why you feel you would fit well within the role.

Deadline to submit your nomination will be February 28, 2023. As a member of the board, you are required to attend at least 50% of the events for the year. If you are unable to attend a minimum of 50% of the events, you will be deemed ineligible.

The election date will be posted once the remaining board has had an opportunity to review all potential candidates. To anyone who was an official 2022 Season License Holder will be able to cast their vote on who they would like to elect to fill these two positions.

If we only receive one person for each role, they will win by default as unopposed.

Look forward to updating everyone after Feb. 28, 2023 with more details!



Attention in the Paddock!

OMRL is proud to announce the details for the 3rd  annual Skylight Financial Group Endurance Cup!


The Skylight Financial Group Endurance Cup is a 4-hour Endurance Race.  The event will be held at G&J Kartway on Sept. 17th, 2022 from 2-6pm! 

Details are as follows: 
Registration will open from 12:00-1:15pm.  Rider's Safety Meeting at 1:30pm.  LeMans style start at 2pm.  


Teams will be created randomly the morning of the event and will consist of both expert and novice riders.  Ideally each team will consist of 4 people however this may be adjusted the morning of the event depending on the number of racers participating.    

StockMoto Rules - Each rider can use their own bike or share.  Each team must share 1 transponder! 


Toby Kemsuzian and Skylight Financial Group are once again sponsoring the event and offering the race FREE of charge to our 2022 season license members! Racers are still responsible for team transponder rental and track insurance. Non 2022 OMRL season license holders will be responsible for a $25 entry fee per non-licensed racer.  Teams can consist of season license holders and non-licensed holders. 


Rider's must change out a maximum of every 30 minutes! for all the details. 

Toby & Skylight Financial Group will provide t-shirts, food, and beverages for racers after the event (while supplies last).  

The winning team will receive a plaque at our winter awards banquet provided by Toby & Skylight Financial Group!


Photography for the event will be provided by Derek Clouser Photography. 

Pre-registration and ALL rules/details are available at! 

Please support Toby and Skylight Financial Group by liking their Facebook pages at: & , thank them for supporting mini-racing and this event!

OMRL staff has final word for any questions or discrepancies relating to this event!

Attention in the paddock!

Hope everyone had a great holiday season with their friends and families! We are just over one week away from our yearly awards banquet. We hope to see everyone show up for some karting, food, and celebration.

The board has voted and wanted to update everyone of our stock moto CRF100 riders on a rule update.

We know that parts for the CRF100 are becoming scarce and far more difficult to find. As a result, the club is always investigating different options that maintain the spirit of a low cost competitive class. Rear shocks have been incredibly difficult to find and many requested an alternative option. We have reviewed two shocks that we believe to be very comparable to the stock shock that we will be allowing in the stock moto class on the CRF100.

First Shock Option: Kitaco Shock Absorber 520-1122220

Second Shock Option: Shift Up Reinforced Rear Shock 201588

We will still allow riders to change the spring if they feel necessary.

We will be updating the 2022 rulebook to update these new permissions.

As always, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

OMRL uses the awards banquet as an opportunity to discuss other rules changes that are brought up by the racing community. If you have any rules clarifications or adjustments that you wish to see for 2022, please bring them with you to the banquet for discussion.

Look forward to seeing most of you next weekend!

Due to the threat of rain Sunday, October 3 the race has been moved to Saturday, October 2 for a combined practice/race. There is no longer a Sunday race! 

The race day schedule has been also modified to accommodate the combined practice/race day:

Registration 8:30am - 10:30 am

Practice From 9am-1pm

Racing to start shortly after 1pm.

2024 Schedule

Sat, 05/25 - Sun, 05/26
Wilmington %281%29

2024 R1 - Wilmington

Practice Saturday 5/25/24

Race Sunday 5/26/24

Sat, 06/15 - Sun, 06/16
G j kartway

2024 R2 - G&J Kartway

Practice Saturday 6/15/24

Race Sunday 6/16/24

Sat, 06/29
G j kartway

2024 R3 - G&J Kartway

Practice Saturday 6/29/24

Night Race Saturday 6/29/24


  Tail light required at night

Registration at 7pm

Sun, 06/30
G j kartway

2024 R4 - G&J Kartway

Race Sunday 6/30/24


Practice Saturday

Night Race Saturday

Sun, 07/21
Pittsburgh international race complex

2024 R5 - PIRC

Practice Saturday 8:30am-noon

Race Sunday 7/21/24

Sat, 08/10 - Sun, 08/11
G j kartway

2024 R6 - G&J Kartway

Practice Saturday 8/10/24

Race Sunday 8/11/24

Sat, 09/ 7 - Sun, 09/ 8
Wilmington %281%29

2024 R7 - Wilmington

Practice Saturday 9/7/24

Race Sunday 9/8/24

Sat, 09/21 - Sun, 09/22
Wilmington %281%29

2024 R8 - Wilmington

Practice Saturday 9/21/24

Race Sunday 9/22/24

Sat, 10/ 5 - Sun, 10/ 6
G j kartway

2024 R9 - G&J Kartway

Practice Saturday 10/5/24

Race Sunday 10/6/24


Halloween Costumes Encouraged

Event Procedures & Schedule

Ohio Mini Roadracing League provides organized events, including practice sessions and controlled races. Club officials, track workers and medical personnel are present at every event to help ensure an enjoyable racing experience.  Below is a typical event schedule.  Schedule is subject to change, changes will be announced at the event. 

8am – 9:30am – Registration                                  Night races

9:30am – 10am – Riders Meeting                           7:00pm - 8:00pm - Registration

10am – 11:15am – Practice                                    8:30pm - Riders Meeting 

11:20am – National Anthem                                    8:45pm - National Anthem

11:30am – 1pm Sprint Races                              9:00pm - Sprint Races

1pm – 1:30pm – Lunch Break

1:30pm – 3pm – Sprint Races

*Or 30 minutes from start of lunch. All times are approximate. Times subject to change due to number of racers