October 2-3, 2021 G&J Schedule Change!

Due to the threat of rain Sunday, October 3 the race has been moved to Saturday, October 2 for a combined practice/race. There is no longer a Sunday race!
The race day schedule has been also modified to accommodate the combined practice/race day:

Registration 8:30am - 10:30 am
Practice From 9am-1pm
Racing to start shortly after 1pm.

OMRL 2020 Race Series

Our goal at the Ohio Mini Roadracing League (Formerly Ohio YSR League) is to offer a fun, family-friendly atmosphere for all ages and levels of motorcycle enthusiast. We feature competitive racing classes for 50cc minis all the way up to 650cc Motard motorcycles. Racing is divided into 7 classes; Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3, Stock Moto, Grom/Z125, Supermoto, and Kids 50. We also offer exhibition classes; Stock YSR50, Scooter Stock, Scooter Specials, and Kids 50 depending on turn out. All classes, except Formula 1, are open to Beginner and Novice divisions. Excluding exhibition classes, riders in each class compete for series points, trophies, and awards. All Kids 50 races are FREE!* Medical personnel are present at all race events to support a safe and enjoyable race experience for all participants.

*Season license required. Must meet class rules ages 5-12


Due to the threat of rain Sunday, October 3 the race has been moved to Saturday, October 2 for a combined practice/race. There is no longer a Sunday race! 

The race day schedule has been also modified to accommodate the combined practice/race day:

Registration 8:30am - 10:30 am

Practice From 9am-1pm

Racing to start shortly after 1pm.

Attention in the Paddock!

OMRL is proud to announce the details for the 2nd annual Skylight Financial Group Endurance Cup!

The Skylight Financial Group Endurance Cup is a 4-hour Endurance Race. The event will be held at G&J Kartway on Sept. 4th, 2021 from 2-6pm!

Details are as follows:

Registration will open from 12:00-1:15pm. Rider's Safety Meeting at 1:30pm. LeMans style start at 2pm.

Min. 2 people, Max 4 people - Teams must consist of equal or more novice riders than experts (Please reach out to a board member if you need help finding riders - some exclusions may apply in the event not enough Novices available).

StockMoto Rules - Each rider may use their own bike OR share. Each team must share 1 transponder!

Once again, Toby Kemsuzian & Skylight Financial Group are sponsoring the event and offering the race FREE of charge to our OMRL 2021 season license members! Racers are still responsible for team transponder rental and track insurance. If you are not a 2021 OMRL season license holder, each racer will be responsible for $25 entry fee (plus transponder/insurance) per non-licensed racer. Teams may consist of season license holders and non-licensed holders.

Rider's must change out a maximum of every 30 minutes!

Toby & Skylight Financial Group will provide t-shirts, food, and beverages for racers after the event (while supplies last).

The winning team will receive a plaque at our winter awards banquet provided by Toby & Skylight Financial Group!

Photography for the event will be provided by Morgan Hampton Photography and Derek Clouser Photography.

Pre-registration and ALL rules/details will be available at OMRLmoto.com!

Please support Toby and Skylight Financial Group by liking their Facebook pages at: https://www.facebook.com/toby.kemsuzian & https://skylightfinancialgroup.com/ , thank them for supporting mini-racing and this event!

OMRL staff has final word for any questions or discrepancies relating to this event! If you have any questions/clarifications for anything, please don't hesitate to reach out to a board member.

It's race week. We are heading to PIRC for Round-4 of the 2021 Season! 

Great News for the paddock! We have claimed the track for Saturday practice between 4-8pm! 

Remember to PRE-REGISTER for Sunday if you haven't already!

PIRC is the best track that we host and we hope to see everyone make the trip! If you've never ridden it before, you are in for a treat! This track has it all - long straights, flowing sections, elevation changes, technical turns, etc. The surface is amazing and the facilities are awesome! 

Friendly reminder that PIRC pricing is different from the rest of the tracks we attend due to the higher cost of renting the track. Racing fees are $100 for Sunday and $50 for Saturday Practice. Because we are renting the track for Saturday evening, they usually do NOT allow us to split time during the day with karts.

Camping is allowed Friday night for those who are able to make it.

Hope everyone is as excited as I am for this weekend! See you all then!

A message from the OMRL Treasurer:

For those of you looking for Kuzas in preparation of the 2021 season - They are available for purchase at www.AvailMotorsports.com.

I have the limited remaining stock KENDA has on hand already coming in and I suggest buying when they become available. Otherwise, you will have to wait a few more weeks until next shipment comes in from overseas. Please understand KENDA, is doing their best to meet our demand and has unfortunately felt the squeeze of COVID in these unprecedented times.

OMRL licensed members receive them at club pricing, so make sure you contact me directly for discount code!

Get your pre-registration done early!  We have opened registration for Round-1 at Fremont Raceway Park!

Racing can't get here soon enough!!!

Thank you everyone for attending the 2020 OMRL Awards Banquet!

For those who were unable to attend, please see below for a recap of everything discussed. 

1.  GP-1, GP-2, GP-3 Classes Introduced.  Will race with F-1, F-2 Expert, and F-3 Expert, but grid separately.  Scoring will be separate of their respective Formula Class.  Bikes that fit in the F-1, F-2, or F-3 class, but have a GP chassis will fit into these new classes (ie. Ohvale, Buccimoto, NSR, etc). 

2.   Race Fees for all tracks except Pitt Race went from $50 to $60 and Pitt Race increases from $100 to $110.  This does not include transponder rental or insurance. 

3.  Failure to pre-register PRIOR to the start of registration for a race will incur a $10 administration fee.  Season License Holders will get (1) free pass on this per season.  If you fail to pre-register and wish to use your free pass, we will punch your season license card.  

4.  Reminder that alcohol and drugs are to NEVER be consumed prior to Racing or Practice.  There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on this.  

5.  It is incredibly sad to announce, but news that the landowner of CRP has passed away and Circleville Raceway Park has been shut down indefinitely.  The board will continue to stay in contact with the family members; trying everything we can to see if it is possible to race there in 2021 or in the future at all.  In the meantime, the Board is working diligently with the expectation that we will NOT be able to race at CRP in the future to fill in the races with other tracks.  We will do our best to keep everyone informed on what is going on.   

6.  Modification of the starting lights - Instead of the starting lights staging the lights 1-2-3-OFF, we will be staging all 3 lights simultaneously and then lights go off, the race will start.  Hopefully, this will help eliminate jump starting and allow the starter to be more aware of who potentially jump starts so they can penalize appropriately if the person doesn’t self penalize themselves. 

7.  Addition of a heavyweight class.  Will be F-3 rules with 195lb min. Dry weight.  The class will NOT be separated by NOVICE or EXPERT, but by weight alone.  This will be a separate race and scored in the Championship!

8.  OMRL will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Plaques created for those who finish on the Podium of races to be able to use for photos for their own use.  These plaques will be made available at the end of race days for anyone who wishes to get their photo taken after their races for finishing in the Top 3.  

9.  Please remember we all represent OMRL when we are at the track.   We must make sure all decisions made during a race weekend are in the proper spirit of how we should conduct ourselves at the track.  Most of these tracks are graciously allowing us to camp there the entire weekend and we cannot be straining these relationships by acting unprofessionally.  If you notice others acting inappropriately, feel free to call them out or please reach out to a board member so we can make sure it is handled correctly. 

10.  OMRL has created an Instagram.  Follow @OMRLMOTO for more Ohio’s Mini Racing Content.  Please feel free to  tag us in your photos as well. 

Thank you all for being incredibly flexible this past year, creating an incredible 2020 season.  We are looking forward to the 2021 season.  

2021 Schedule

Sat, 05/ 1 - Sun, 05/ 2
G j kartway

R1 - G&J Kartway

Saturday Practice; Sunday Race

Sat, 05/15 - Sun, 05/16

R2 - Fremont Raceway Park

Saturday Practice; Sunday Race

Sat, 05/29 - Sun, 05/30

R3 - Fremont Raceway Park

Saturday Practice; Sunday Race

Sat, 06/19 - Sun, 06/20
Pittsburgh international race complex


Saturday Practice; Sunday Race

Sat, 07/31
G j kartway

R5 - G&J Kartway

Morning Practice; Night Race

Sun, 08/ 1
G j kartway

R6 - G&J Kartway

Normal Raceday

Sat, 08/14 - Sun, 08/15

R7 - Fremont Raceway Park

Saturday Practice; Sunday Race.

Sat, 08/28 - Sun, 08/29
Adkins raceway track

R8 - Adkins Raceway

Saturday Practice; Sunday Race

Sat, 09/ 4
G j kartway


Morning Practice;  4-hour Endurance Race starts at 2PM!

Sun, 09/ 5
G j kartway

R10 - G&J Kartway

Normal Raceday

Sat, 09/18 - Sun, 09/19

R11 - Fremont Raceway Park

Saturday Practice; Sunday Race

Sat, 10/ 2
G j kartway

R12 - G&J Kartway

Saturday Practice & Race Now! No Sunday race! Registration 8:30am - 10:30am. Practice From 9am-1pm. Racing to start after 1pm.

Event Procedures & Schedule

Ohio Mini Roadracing League provides organized events, including practice sessions and controlled races. Club officials, track workers and medical personnel are present at every event to help ensure an enjoyable racing experience.  Below is a typical event schedule.  Schedule is subject to change, changes will be announced at the event. 

8am – 9:30am – Registration                                  Night races

9:30am – 10am – Riders Meeting                           7:00pm - 8:00pm - Registration

10am – 11:15am – Practice                                    8:30pm - Riders Meeting 

11:20am – National Anthem                                    8:45pm - National Anthem

11:30am – 1pm Sprint Races                              9:00pm - Sprint Races

1pm – 1:30pm – Lunch Break

1:30pm – 3pm – Sprint Races

*Or 30 minutes from start of lunch. All times are approximate. Times subject to change due to number of racers