OMRL 2018 Race Series

Our goal at the Ohio Mini Roadracing League (Formerly Ohio YSR League) is to offer a fun, family-friendly atmosphere for all ages and levels of motorcycle enthusiast. We feature competitive racing classes for 50cc minis all the way up to 650cc Motard motorcycles. Racing is divided into 7 classes; Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3, Stock Moto, Stock GP, Supermoto, and Kids 50. We also offer exhibition classes; Grom, Stock YSR50, Scooter Stock, Scooter Specials, and Kids 50 depending on turn out. All classes, except Formula 1, are open to Beginner and Novice divisions. Excluding exhibition classes, riders in each class compete for series points, trophies, and awards. All Kids 50 races are FREE!* Medical personnel are present at all race events to support an enjoyable race experience for all participants.

*Season license required. Must meet class rules ages 5-12


So you think you are fast on your Grom or z125? Come out to Circleville Raceway Park and find out, if you can beat the OMRL rider you win $100...

come on out from behind the keyboard and see how fast you are!

The normal race day schedule for OMRL non-points MotoAmerica round at PIRC has been replaced with just a Kids only demo. See Facebook Discussion for more info

Practice $25 starting at Noon until 6 PM. Endurance race 6-8 PM. Endurance will consist of one transponder per team. 2-4 riders. Maximum 30 minute stints. $50 per team. Majority of the proceeds will go to Race on 7/23/17 Sunday using our regular schedule posted on Please preregister at Wrist bands are $5 for one day or $6 for both days if purchased on Saturday. Please bring out your Northern KY and Cincinnati friends!

  1. All participating motorcycles must display the correct race number and be in accordance with race number specifications set by the rule book.Competition numbers on front (5”) and both sides (3") must be legible.Numbers must be contrasting in color to the background color(s). 
  2. No rider will be permitted to enter a motorcycle in a class that is a bump down scenario, regardless if they don't want to be scored. This is to prevent riders who are not scoring points interfering with others on track racing for points.
  3. Rules for Stock Moto have been changed to be in line with other mini clubs and allow for more variety of motorcycle participation.  Please review Stock Moto rules
  4. The Red Flag rule has been rewritten in hopes of clearing up any confusion. Please review OMRL Rulebook 2017 v2  
  5. There will be no exceptions to club rules as stated in the rule book. Riders will be responsible for the legality of motorcycles and equipment.  Any violation will be grounds for disqualification.  Please refer to OMRL Rulebook 2017 v2 for all updated rules.

Saturday May 6 

Practice 9:30am - 5pm $20 paid to track.  Open for anyone riding a motorcycle.  Additionally there is a practice scheduled on the dirt oval for karts in the evening.  Anyone willing to test out track on a motorcycle is welcomed.  Talk to Todd at CRP.  For those camping at the track overnight, dirt track practice is supposed to go until midnight and the pits may be crowded.  

Sunday May 7

Normal race day schedule  

Unfortunately the AMA has cancelled our VMD showcase due to lack of space with the expected increased race turnout and the need to use our area for paddock. The schedule has been updated.

2018 Schedule

Sat, 04/21 - Sun, 04/22
Circleville raceway park

Round 1: CRP CCW

Saturday practice. Sunday Race
Sat, 05/ 5
Circleville raceway park

Round 2: CRP CW

Sat, 05/19
Circleville raceway park

Round 3: CRP CCW

Sat, 06/ 9 - Sun, 06/10
G j kartway

Round 4: G&J

Endurance race Saturday evening and races on Sunday.

Sat, 06/23 - Sun, 06/24
Pittsburgh international race complex

Round 5: PIRC

Saturday practice. Sunday Race
Sat, 08/ 4 - Sun, 08/ 5
Adkins raceway

Round 6: Adkins

Saturday practice. Sunday Race
Sat, 08/11
Circleville raceway park

Round 7: CRP CW

Sat, 09/ 8
Circleville raceway park

Round 8: CRP CCW

Sat, 09/15 - Sun, 09/16
G j kartway

Round 9: G&J

Endurance race Saturday evening and races on Sunday.

Sat, 10/ 6
Circleville raceway park

Round 10: CRP CW

Race Day Schedule

8:00am – 9:30am Registration
9:30am – 10:00am Riders Meeting
10:00am – 11:15am Practice
11:20am National Anthem
11:30am – 1:00pm Sprint Races
1:00pm – 1:30pm* Lunch Break
1:30pm – 3:00pm Sprint Races

*Or 30 minutes from start of lunch. All times are approximate. Times subject to change due to number of racers