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Guest Racers & Past Racers

# 3
Seth “Grizzly” Baer

Kyle Keller

# 7
Jimmy Pooler
Stock XR 100

Aaron Eberle                      
2009 Novice Formula 3 Champion
Bike: NSR50 w/XR100 swap
Class: Formula 3

# 9 Bill Doran                 
XR100  F3
Stock YSR
RS125 For the big tracks

#10 Ryan “Are ya gonna eat that?” Martin
KAOS Racing
Formula 3 – XR100

#12 Todd Patton                
Bikes: Kawasaki KX85, CRF100F
Class: Formula 1, Stock XR100
Career:  First Race, Honda Hills 1975.
Occupation: Owner, TK Race Products
Location: Granville, OH
“If you’re not slidin, you’re not ridin”

# 13 Matt Rehm

# 14 Chris Kurylowich

#15 William Stinger
SlickWill Racing
Stock XR100

Joe Trapani
Stock XR100

#21 Nolan Lamkin “GOON”
Formula 2 – KX 65

#23 Sean Pickrell
BS Racing

Ian Jones
Stock XR100

# 25 Max Rehm

#26 Alex Channell
Supermoto- YZF250

# 27 Jake Rowe

#31 Scott Smallwood

#33 Matt Pickrell
BS Racing

# 37 Neil Pooler
Stock XR 100

# 38
Marcus Matthews
Formula 2 – Honda NSR
2011 Sponsors:
Spoonful Records

#42 Aaron Reek

#42 Tom Griffith


#46 Danny Bruce

#48 David Dick

# 52 Mark Hatten                                     
Hugh Jorgen Racing
Stock XR100

#62 Beavan Family Racing
Charles (Dad)    Zach (Son)
Stock XR 100
Formula 4

#63 Carl Soltisz
Formula 4- NSR50
Stock NSR 50

# 64 Tony Cavaluchi
Formula 3 – NSF 100
Stock NSR 50

I started racing mini bikes in 2005 after I found myself unwilling- due to the inherent danger of the sport- to compete (at the upper end anyway) in the local 125 MX races at the time. I didn’t want to quit riding bikes altogether, as bikes were a huge part of life as I knew it. I recalled a mini- roadracing series that was happening in Ohio and PA a dozen years earlier, that I didn’t have room for in my then busy schedule. I went online and found the current racing league, and I decided to come out and join the party. I’m glad I did as I’ve had a ton of fun, and met a great bunch of people. Between road racing and pit bikes, I’ve been riding and racing just as much as before, doubled the fun, and cut the risk by at least half. I’d like to be known for thinking outside the box as far as the bikes I race with. I was the first to ride an NSR50, Metrakit, and now an NSF100. Hope to see you at the track.

#69 Sparky Stafford

# 71 Bill Evans
Stock YSR

#71 “Bad” Billy Brownsberger
Stock XR100

# 76 Marc “Mantis” Purslow
Bikes: 2011 Sponsors:
2004 Honda NSR50 Grow Yoga
1997 Honda RS125 Scorpion USA
Chicken Hawk Racing
Marc does not like to discuss business on the lanai.

#77 Gary Gearhart

# 77 Ben Stillman
Stock XR100

#88 Gotham Pammal
Formula 1 – CRF 150R
 Stock XR100

#99 Hari Bhavatha
Formula 1 – CRF 150R
Stock XR 100

#101 Steve Massey “The Captain”

AHRMA and OMRL #101
Bikes: 2004 NSR50R, 1996 Honda RS125R
Class: F4
 Proudly Sponsored By: Race Tech Suspension
“I have two states of emotion. Silence and rage.”

# 110 Benjamin Lamb
Formula 4 – 2004 NSR50
Stock YSR
“I enjoy racing, art, design, and touring with my band, but probably always look like I should be doing something else.”
“If it’s not fun, don’t do it”

Seth Coleman                
Team Slöwenbröke
Bike: YSR Superbike (Or whatever I can borrow when it doesn’t run)
Class: Formula 4

Jeff Root

#116 Kristen Vallieu

#126Matt Fraley
Lot-Lizard Racing
Stock XR100
Thanks to my wife, Lisa, for the help and support. Thanks to my son, Ian and all my friends and family for always helping out where they can!

Eric Whitnable
Formula 1 – KTM 85/105

Ameen Bakare
Supermoto- KTM 300

#152 Hugh Jorgen Racing “Wildcard Entry”
Formerly riden by:
-Colin Graham (pictured)
-Jimmy Pooler
-Kacy Luby

#179 Justin Pennella

Long Dog Racing
Formula 1- CR85

#188 James Howland
Formula 4

#199 Ryan Vallieu

#241 Travis Hall

#277 Nick Lungreen
Supermoto- CRF450R

#313 Matt Bartels

Supermoto – XR400

#314 Matt Perez


#333 Anthony Gilbert

#614 Paul Finn

Supermoto- KX450

# 617 Harrison Ringel                     

 #737 Stephen Paishon
Stock XR 100

#777 Garrett Smith

Stock NSR 50

#837 Ryan Bosley

#906 Matt Foulk
Stock XR 100

#910 Steve Pennington