Stock NSR

Stock NSR is designed to provide an easy, low cost way to participate in mini roadracing. Minimal modifications ensure close racing and showcase rider talent, not mechanical skills or machinery. Stock NSR will run in conjunction with Stock YSR, and sometimes with Stock XR100

  • Motorcycle must be a 2004 Honda NSR 50
  • Stock OEM Engine must be used. No modification allowed.
  • Stock OEM Exhaust must be used. No modification allowed.
  • Stock OEM Forks must be used. May change springs, fluid, valving
  • Stock OEM Shock must be used. May change spring
  • Stock OEM Carburetor must be used. Jets/needle may be changed
  • Stock OEM Piston must be used in standard size or maintenance overbore sizes.
  • Engine displacement must not exceed 52cc
  • Clutch plates and springs may be changed
  • Shift lever may be changed
  • Clutch lever and front brake lever may be changed
  • Grips may be changed
  • Spark plug may be changed.
  • Front and rear sprockets may be changed. Must run OEM sized chain.
  • Any bodywork may be used
  • No Oxygenated Racing Fuels